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We have been offering delivery of bulk loads of Garden soils, Gravel, Mulch, Sand and soils and screened Top Soil through out the Raleigh and Triangle N.C. areas. Since 1998 we have been serving our community, in selling and delivering to our customers.

Our variety of mulch includes a low Budget Mulch, Stained Decorative Designer Mulch available in Black, Chocolate Brown and Red                                     

Leaf Mulch which is aged black in color, rich in nutrients the best choice for garden lovers.

Our 100 % Triple Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch which holds very well on hilly areas, available in dark and light shades that contrast well within your landscape areas.



Use Our Product Calculator to fine out how much product you need. No guessing involved.

Used it for Gravel, Mulches, Sands and Soils.

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Area Mulch and Soils: 1st in Wake County to offer small 1 ton deliveries of Gravels and small loads of mulch, sands and soils.

Helping our customers to get what they need and when they need it, even after 5:00

Our variety of Drainage gravels include 67,57 and #5  and 78 stone 1/4 inch average size angular stones for the ultimate top layer for your driveway.

Our Driveway Gravels include Crush and Run ( ABC ), topped it with off with 67,57, or #5 as top layer, for drainage.

Our Rip Rap Class A ,Class B, Class 1 erosion control rocks for ditches and around coverts pipes.

Decorative Gravel which has a earth tone brownish color for use as ground cover and setting areas.. 

We offer delivery a variety of soil products.

Offering several selections of compost to meet your needs compost for your flowers or grass to increase your organic matter in your soil.

Offering a 50/50 garden soil we call it Pro-Topsoil that's weed and rock free mix for flowers and lawns and Vegetables.

Offering a Natural local Screened topsoil. 

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