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About Us ,

I was born here in Wake County and grew up in Wake Forest NC, I can remember working at my Father first Gas Station there on US1 Starflite Gasoline, we lived  there at Marshall Village, which my Grandfather had built the late Herbert K. Marshall. As a young lad I was always working a lot with my Dad tinkering with stuff, sometimes me and my brother's would go to my Grandfather's farm on Forestville Rd. Wake Forest N.C. to prime tobacco. I would work at my Uncle Emits farm Marshall's Dairy it is where Heritage Subdivision now sits. I started working for my Father again at his research shop where the old barns were on Falls of Neuse Rd and 540.

 Then Fran came through  a little while latter my Dad passed away and I was left with a backhoe and a dump truck. Fran left a lot of mulch and they  hauled a lot to the shop. in 1996 started hauling the mulch. Soon after I met this beautiful lady, we got married and I started ,                  Area Mulch and Soils 1998.

 I had always enjoyed messing with dirt just something about dirt, good ole garden soil, brings back memories working in the garden with my Mother, tried not to think about priming tobacco or working at my uncles dairy farm. Where a few cows had got spooked ,I fell in about 2 feet of cow manure it was about 40 decrees then and my cousin. Who made me ride in the back of his old truck to get washed off. The late Billy J. Marshall, of Marshall's Locksmith. Some things you just don't want to think about. Getting back to the soil yeah its just something about good ole garden soil. Then Gravel came in the picture need to haul more bulk stuff. And well here we are, I really enjoying working with people.

Through 20 years experience we have learned some things about Gravel, Mulch and Sands and Soils. Let us help you decide which product works best for you.

Oh Thursday night around 7:pm weather permitting above 50 decrees, come on out to Woodland International raceway. We meet there at 130 Woodland Baptist Church Rd. in the paved parking lot near the ball field and race RC Electric cars. 1/10 scale come on bring yours. And we enjoy flying RC planes at ( Rams ) Raleigh Aero Masters flying field.



Jack Marshall also know as Jackie and Herbert J.

Revised: 05/31/18.