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Soil Delivery 2 - 15 Yards


We deliver bulk Landscape Supplies, Compost, 50/50 garden soil, screened and unscreened mix fill and Screened Topsoil in the North Raleigh and Wake Forest areas, and through out most of Research Triangle areas.. Minimums and delivery fee's may apply.         

  We use only the highest quality of products, Garden soils      50/50 our mixes, may contain pine bark fines, composted cow, hog, horse, composted food waste, or composted poultry, rounded sand, forest humus, peat moss. None of our products contain any human Bio -solids .                                                                                    

Screened Topsoil: Contains small rocks and roots 1/4 -1/2 in size, use vegetable gardens or for making flower bed, growing grass or filling in small holes. None G.M.O. soil. Larger Image

Some of the reason that people make time in garden is it can help us to relax, and the store bought vegetables cannot compare to the taste of freshness. It just simply nothing like sitting out in the shade and taking a bite of a freshly grown Tomato.


Screened Fill dirt : a mix of soils clay and some topsoil's, used for filling in around side walks and low areas, will pack better than just topsoil. But is not all clay and will not pack enough for building up drive ways. This just is a good soil for use with wheel borrow.



Pro-topsoil / 50/50 Garden Soil: Rock and 99% weed free. Excellent for growing new grass and for flower beds, can be used for vegetables gardens. Contains  compost made from composted food grade residuals, brush and composted manures. Nothing to add for growing grass recommend 3-4 inches on top. In flower bed aged bark fines could be added.

Compost: Made from composted food grade residuals and brush, composted manures and is 99% weed free.

None Manure Compost delivery : Made from leaves and brush (no manures ) will not burn, great for vegetables gardens or flower beds.

Did You Know

  • Compost in soils adds essential nutrients and soil micro-organisms
  • Holds Moisture, saving you money on your water bill
  • Helps all types of soil that we have here in Wake County
  • Helps reduce chemicals needed
  • Helps loosen clay soils, so air and water can penetrate
  • Helps sandy soils retain moisture and nutrient
  • Reduces soils erosion
  • Increases Infiltration
  • Use in your lawns or vegetable garden and flower beds


Premium Soils - Conditioner: Aged bark fines 1/2 inch or less. Great for tilling in to sandy or clay soils or use as fine mulch.

Unscreened Mixed fill: dirt is not recommended w/out equipment as rocks and clogs that can weigh as much as 45 pounds. Contains no roots or logs.



Unscreened Fill Dirt Red Clay: compactable soil, used for building up driveways or other areas. Does contain small roots and rocks.




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SOILS  and  Compost  Sold By Cubic Yard Bulk Volume

Screened Topsoil    $24.50 None G.M.O.    Per yard
Compost  None Manures $26.00
Compost   made from food Residuals $32.00
Premium Soil -Conditioner $35.00     None G.M.O.
ITS Back  Raised Bed Mix $85.00 per Yard
Pro- topsoil   50/50  flower or garden $36.00
Screened Mix Fill Dirt $23.50 Per yard
Unscreened Red Clay Fill Dirt $16.50
Fill Dirt  Mixed $200.00 12 yard load 

Additional Delivery May Apply